Monday, October 19, 2009

Photoshop Project

In Digital Media Class, we are working on a photoshop project. I have never used photoshop before so I am just trying my best in hopes that it looks decent. It has to be about an idea or event in your life and responding to it. Mine is the realization that time goes by fast and nothing lasts forever. It was inspired by a song called "Who am I" by Casting Crowns.
It was an image of a pocket watch with flowers as the hands, fading as time goes by but I had to redo it to create movement. So, The hands are fading as it reaches the clock instead.
I suggest listening to the song while looking at it. It has 2 scans, 1 picture, and 2 images pulled from the internet. The background is a picture I took on a hike that I put through a bunch of filters. The 4 flowers are scans of a flower. I picked a flower and I scanned it right after I got it (which is the first image in the upper right hand corner) and then I scanned it a second time a week later when it was dehydrated. I then used the first image and played with it in photo shop until it looked older to get the second of the four flowers. Then I switched to the second scan of the dehydrated flower and played with it to make it look similar to the last flower. The last flower is also the second scan but I turned the opacity down so much that you can only see it's shadow. You know it's there, but it's a ghost of the image so you can't see it. The clock I found on the internet but it didn't look much like that when I found it. I changed the color and I covered up some of the details on the clock with a stamp tool. I also changed the perspective so it was no longer so straight foreword. I also found the chain which I had to play a lot with in order for it to look as though it was attached to the clock. I then changed the coloring and used my new favorite tool, liquify, to make it look as if it was being distorted and fading a way as it went further up the page. I also played with the eraser tool which is taken for granted in most software. Photo shop allows you to change the opacity of the eraser so it is more of a blending tool. I used it a lot in my project.
Ultimately, I put a lot of work into this project, even if it seems like it didn't. I even look at it sometimes and think, "did that REALLY take that long?" but it ended up being something that I'm proud of and it also really helped me learn photo shop (which, I think, was the main point of this assignment).


  1. Love the post (and the picture) Kelly. I'm glad you suggested listening to the song too, it's beautiful (just like you).

  2. i really like this image. i think it really captures the feeling of time flying by. also the colors you used are really nice too