Thursday, December 10, 2009

Almost there...

I turned in all of my finals yesterday! YES! All I have left is an art history final tomorrow and then I go home! yay!!
Here is a picture of my design final that I turned in yesterday. The assignment was to make a small object 5-20 times the size of what it is normally. I choose to make an alarm clock 10 times the size of a normal one. I have never had to pull so many all-nighters before in my life.

The actual alarm clock is sitting on top of the one I made.

Here is another design project that I didn't have time to upload before because of my last one. It a wire sculpture of my face. Like most of the things on this site, I had no idea what I was doing.
With the end of the semester comes the end of my digital media class which this website was an assignment for. I'm still debating whether to continue it since I had trouble keeping up with it during the semester when it was an actual assignment. Anyway, I'll probably still keep it so my mommy can look at my most current assignments. later gators.

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